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Process your Paperclip attachments in the background with delayed_job or Resque. - aimerickdesdoit/ruby-delayed-paperclip

18 Apr 2017 Shrine is file uploading library written in Ruby, it's compatible with plain ol' Ruby, solution to use something more flexible than carrierwave, paperclip or refile. io.download, 600, 600) } end # Process additional versions in  Enhanced SEO in Solidus. Contribute to karmakatahdin/solidus_seo development by creating an account on GitHub.

Process your Paperclip attachments in the background with delayed_job or Resque. - aimerickdesdoit/ruby-delayed-paperclip

11 Sep 2016 This has several benefits: your server uses less resources, works with Paperclip doesn't have a solution for handling direct S3 uploads. Classier solution for file uploads for Rails, Sinatra and other Ruby web frameworks are on S3, instead of downloading and reuploading, Refile will simply issue an  27 Nov 2018 If you're using Rails and Paperclip with S3, you can choose what is going to be the name of the downloaded file by setting the "content  Handle file uploads in Ruby-based web applications, including streamlined Show more project detailsCompare It supports uploading, downloading, processing and deleting IO objects, backed by various storage engines. Attached is a Ruby on Rails cloud attachment and processor library inspired by Paperclip. Handle file uploads and server-side image processing in your Rails 4 app with I find Image Magick to have great support on multiple platforms with a plethora cd ~/src > wget http://www.imagemagick.org/download/ImageMagick.tar.gz > tar  7 Jun 2018 Rails 5.2 comes up with inbuilt feature called Active Storage for the in rails to incorporate this feature in an application such as Paperclip, Carrierwave, Refile etc. We want to have each product to have multiple images, then our Use ActiveStorage::Blob#open to download a blob to a temp file on disk. I've got a website where users can upload things such as a mp3 and the files are being stored on Amazon S3. If a user clicks the file it just s

When Paperclip attachments should only be downloadable for selected users, there are three ways to Common mistakes when storing file uploads with Rails.

:money_with_wings: An opinionated CKEditor editor for Rails with flexible image uploads - kreativgebiet/rich Notes for deploying Rails applications to Ubuntu 14.04 - sf-wdi-gaia/rails-deployment older version. Contribute to jmejia/rails-ckeditor development by creating an account on GitHub. Although Paperclip doesn’t use the RMagick gem, if you think you’re ever likely to then you should download the latest gem from RubyForge and use the version of ImageMagick that is bundled with it (see the Readme.html file included in the… In this short tutorial, I will share how to achieve an ajax multiple file upload in Ruby on Rails using an awesome JavaScript library called Dropezone. Web applications commonly require file attachments. This posts walks through an approach to setting up secure file attachments in a web application using AngularJS, Ruby on Rails, Paperclip, and Amazon’s S3. Having files on your website to be seen by the world is quite easy. But what if you don't want them to be available for free? We've looked at how to secure them with Paperclip. Now let's add in S3 and get them off the application server.

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9 Apr 2009 Uploading files in rails is a relatively easy task. There are a lot of helpers to manage this even more flexible, such as attachment_fu or paperclip. API (similar to the download Stream API) and a streamable Multipart handler. 29 Aug 2009 Configures the path where Paperclip will store uploaded files (for example of the Rails app) – the important thing here is that the files are stored I typically map the Paperclip URL to a download action in a controller using doing more than simply streaming a file to the client (like logging statistics,  7 Dec 2017 Ruby Snack #74: Secure Attachments with Paperclip on AWS s3. RubyThursday To download the presentation, visit Show more Ruby on Rails - Railscasts PRO #383 Uploading to Amazon S3 (pro) - Duration: 14:21. 18 May 2015 File Uploading in Rails with Carrierwave. GoRails. Loading Unsubscribe from GoRails? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working. 3 Mar 2016 How to upload a pdf file in ruby on rails app in an easy way Show more. Show less. Loading Autoplay When autoplay is enabled,  21 May 2018 using it for file uploads. Due to Paperclip being deprecated in Ruby on Rails 5.2, the alternative This Active Storage tutorial for Ruby on Rails 5.2 covers using it for file uploads. Due to Paperclip Show more. Show less. 27 Dec 2013 That's why I've decided to download all the images that users embed in comments. After download, I attach them with Paperclip to their 

App for growing small edible plants and herbs in indoor areas, with care instructions and customized recipe suggestions - katypola/UrbanGardener In later versions of the app maybe we’d add the ability to upload multiple images and appear at different places in the article, but for now the one will show us how to work with paperclip. Posted bylukeJanuary 31, 2012January 31, 2012 Posted inUncategorizedLeave a comment on Windows + IIS + Rails + Paperclip + Uploaded files give Errno::Eacces (Permission denied) Use this snippet if you need to use one of the many Rails helpers in controllers or elsewhere: In this tutorial I'll cover how you can upload files directly to S3 by using a feature called PresignedPost. I'll then show how you can use imgix to resize these images dynamically after they've been uploaded. A curated list of awesome Ruby frameworks, libraries and resources. Inspired by awesome-php & awesome-python. - sdogruyol/awesome-ruby

10 Jan 2019 Handling File Upload Using Ruby on Rails 5 API To make uploading multiple files using Paperclip possible, add another model that is  31 Jan 2018 New ways to handle file uploads, share credentials with your team, set up Active Storage with existing solutions, be it CarrierWave, Paperclip or Shrine, but Setting up your CRUD for multiple attachments is also a piece of cake. operation: the original blob needs to be downloaded from the service,  23 Jul 2016 Uploading Files in Rails Using Paperclip and Active Admin class Firmware < ActiveRecord::Base has_attached_file :image # more stuff to come end For example, I wanted a link to download the firmware image, so I  26 Oct 2008 When your application uses many static files (photos for example), you should hosts to improve the speed at which they are downloaded by web browsers. Uploading to multiple S3 buckets with Paperclip and Rails. If you sometimes need to attach many files to a rails model, we find on the web a lot of tutos with uploadify and so on. Here is a simple way to do it only with  Many alternative file upload solutions are coupled to either Rails (Active Storage) or Active Record itself (Paperclip, Dragonfly). Paperclip::Attachment ), Shrine distributes responsibilities across multiple core classes: streaming download. 17 May 2018 Rails 5.2 comes with awesome features: here we'll talk about It's a built-in way to deal with uploads without extra dependencies like Paperclip, Carrierwave or Shrine. allows you to attach and detach one or multiple files to a model. you can get a preview from a file without downloading it entirely.

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Sometimes uploading files to your server's local filesystem is not enough due to some constraints like a limited disk space and potential security issues caused by allowing users to upload files to your server. Paperclip now requires Ruby version >= 2.1 and Rails version >= 4.2 (only if you're going to use Paperclip with Ruby on Rails). Examine how to handle file uploads with multipart form data and base64 encoding with a Rails 5 API application using both the paperclip and the carrierwave gems. Generate a .torrent file to compliment your paperclip upload - fattymiller/paperclip_torrent :money_with_wings: An opinionated CKEditor editor for Rails with flexible image uploads - kreativgebiet/rich